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Basic Project information

Do you want the graphics to be engraved into the material you chose?
Do you have premade graphics for this? (Ideally in a SVG, AI, PDF, SVG, or EPS format)
Do you need this to be able to stand up to the outdoors? (This will increase the cost and limit what I am able to do)
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material options

I offer three options for materials. Wood that can be engraved and stained, Painted MDF, and a wide assortment of acrylic. Each material is 1/8th inch thick.

Examples images below.

What material(s) would you like?
If you chose MDF, do you want it to be unpainted and unprimed? (This will bring the cost down)

What Acrylic color(s) would you like?

What paint color(s) would you like?
What wood stain color(s) would you like?

wood stains

Painted MDF


Install options

Do you want this as an install kit that comes with instructions and an alignment guide for you to install on your own?
Do you want to opt out of getting the alignment guide? (This may make aligning the pieces difficult but will reduce cost)
Do you want holes put in it for hanging with thin wire, fishing line, or with small nails? (Not supplied)
What size holes would you like?
Do you want it as-is with no mounting options?
Do you want a mounting bracket(s) added to the back for hanging on a screw(s)?
Do you want to opt out of the peel-and-stick backing?
Do you want this to be installed for you? (Manitoba residents only)
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